The story of Bugged started while I was working on the first Sentinels Anthology. While finishing the book, we ran into some problems and needed to get a new artist for Templar's story fast! Having to deal with finding a new artist was very difficult at the time, because I was visiting Mexico. With limited internet access, I had to make a decision with little knowledge of the artist and only a few samples of their work. Sentinels artist, Luciano Vecchio and Neverminds artist, Jamie Fay each found an artist whose work I really enjoyed. But when I saw Facundo Teyo's art, I knew he was right choice.
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His style was energetic and different than anyone I had worked with before. I was excited to have him drawing a story within the Anthology and I couldn't believe how quickly he finished each page. It was amazing! I was so impressed with Teyo's work and dedication, that I asked him if he had any desire to work on something else together. When he expressed interest, I quickly began writing. In less than two weeks, I wrote the entire story of Bugged. I was really eager to write something different. I wanted to do something that wasn't superheroes and didn't have a legion of characters like Sentinels.

Bugged History Pic03 I honestly don't know what it was about Teyo's art that drew me to write a story where one of the main characters was a talking roach, but I knew it was something only he could draw. At this time, I was still developing Neverminds and trying to get it off the ground. But I thought with Teyo's speed and how quickly I was able to write the story, we'd have Bugged out in place of Neverminds. Everything would be great and I would move from Sentinels to Bugged and then to Neverminds without a hitch! Of course, that wasn't the case though, lol. Like all great works of art, we hit some road bumps and Bugged got delayed a bit. What I'd hoped would be a project that took a few months, ended up taking a few years.

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Both Teyo and I each had things come up that ultimately delayed Bugged from being completed. But we were constantly touching base and keeping each other updated on Bugged's progress. Teyo even became a father during this time! (Hello, Simón!) We persevered through everything and in the end, I believe all of that enriched the tale of Bugged and helped Teyo and I craft an even better story than we planned. I'm extremely proud of the complete story of Bugged and hope people will enjoy something different from Drumfish Productions than what they've grown to expect!

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