Ain't it cool news"Many attempts at indie superhero books just seem to lack focus or basic characterization. Not Sentinels. From the first volume you realize that you are getting something special here. Something that's original in its own way yet harkens back to a day when comic book superheroes were fun and dramatic"
- Superhero

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COMIC BOOK RESOURCES"Exciting, original material that shouldn't go ignored. 'Sentinels' is an indie superhero gem made for the child inside that never stopped wanting to dream."
– Arune Singh

Sentinels Book 2 Review and Interview with Rich Bernatovech by Arune Singh
Sentinels Book 3 Review and Interview with Rich Bernatovech by Arune Singh
Sentinels Book 4 Review and Interview with Rich Bernatovech and Luciano Vecchio by Arune Singh
Sentinels Book 4 Commentary with Rich Bernatovech and Luciano Vecchio by Arune Singh


COMICBUZZ"The amount of time and effort that went into making this series is evident and the reader's experience is rewarding as a result." "The female characters here are worth a mention because they are as well-portrayed, numerous, strong, sassy and as confident as their male equivalents, and are a far cry from the token scantily-clad sex icons that can be so rife in the world of graphic stories. This is another example of how well developed and worthy of a read this series is."
– Elloise Hopkins

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COMIC GEEK SPEAK"Readers talk about wanting change in their comics but that request is rarely met or truly desired. In Sentinels however, you get what you ask for. Characters that grow. Stories that progress. Action that has consequences. It's been a journey worth reading with artwork that is fully aware that it's in a comic. All wrapped in a format that supports the story Rich and company want to tell. I definitely want more from the creative team and the world they've shaped. A must-read for readers who want a little more with their super-hero comics."
–Peter Rios


SEQUENTIAL TART"With all the talk about the mistreatment of female characters in mainstream superhero comics, SENTINELS is a refreshing read. Not only is the narrative driven by strong, complicated women, every character is generally interesting, likeable and distinctive." Grade 8 out of 10.
– Tintin Pantoja

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NEIL ALIEN"If you like your superheroes with good characterization, and can think outside of the fossilized corporate franchise input-from-ten-editors box, pick up Sentinels."
– Neil Alien

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KUNG FU RODEO"In the ever-cluttered indie comics landscape, SENTINELS is a breath of fresh air. On the surface, Sentinels recalls the great superhero team stories of yesterday, but actually goes deeper, mixing strange characters with feel-good adventure and some very dark imagery and settings."
- Daniel Brooks

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"When you've got a hunger for a smart, fun and stylish superhero romp, "The Sentinels" definitely delivers."
– James Sime

Plug by James Sime


NEWSARAMA"A triumph of an independent comic full of solid storytelling, intensity, and a sense of urgency rarely seen in superhero team books."
–Ryan McLelland


Buzzscope"You know the feeling, when you have a great book in your hands, you start losing all track of time, and your shoulders start to hurt because you've been sitting in an awkward position for far too long? Get ready to put away the alarm clock and find a comfy chair because Sentinels Book 3: Echoes is going to have you sitting in one spot for a while!" Buzzscore: A
– Carmelo Vargas


"Sentinels has given me one of the biggest literary pleasures when it comes to graphic novels and, in my mind. It revamped the collective hero universe and achieved a new level, beyond flashes, costumes and powers, it shows anyone lucky enough to share its gift, what it truly means to be a hero."
– Miguel Rodrigues


"For more serious super-action, I'd recommend Sentinels. While there's plenty of biffo, creators Rich Bernatovech and Luciano Vecchio also devote a lot of space to examining the relationships between team-mates. By the fourth book, I cared about a lot of the characters.
– DL


"The most compelling and interesting superhero project I've read from a nonmajor publisher since Rising Stars."
– Jeff Stolarcyk

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Ain't it Cool News"One of the first things you will notice is how bright and bold Jamie Fay's illustrations are, leaping off the page with excitement and fervor. It wouldn't mean jack shit if Rich Bernatovech wasn't keeping pace with his narrative, but I'm happy to report his script is seamless and surprisingly nuanced compared to competing books in this genre. Three thumbs up!"
- Jesse aka Mr. Pasty

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ComicBuzz"Beautifully rendered, vibrantly colored and feisty – a fantastic representation of the characters and the strength of the story being portrayed."
- Elloise Hopkins

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Comic Related"There are a lot of great independent or small press comics out there - and I've read a bunch, so I know - not every one of them is a winner. NEVERMINDS is. I was quite blown away by not only the professional touch to this series, but by the characters and the stories contained within these pages. As I finished each issue I could not wait to read the next. I am hooked, and I highly recommend NEVERMINDS to readers everywhere!"
- Brant W. Fowler

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Interview with Todd Latoski


"Both the creative storyline and gorgeous artwork sold me pretty much immediately and did not falter by the end."
- Katrina Roets

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"With great art, a solid story, and a nice twist at the end of the first issue that makes very interesting, I recommend you check it out."
- Justin Martin

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"The emotions from the characters, the nice panel layouts - the action moving from one panel to the next, great dialogue, it's a really fun comic to read."
– Chris Hoffman



IGN"Neverminds is a rare treat of a comic. It is part X-men or Teen Titans and part of the film Hard Candy. It takes a team of mostly female superheroes and lets them fight, banter, and exist. Then at a point a splinter group of the team heads off on a dark mission to a backwater cabin. What happens next is far more grizzly then I was expecting from the comic and made it that much more captivating. The colored art only adds to the experience. You should be reading this. Grade: A"

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"The art is absolutely gorgeous and some of the best you will find on the ComiXology Submit platform"
- fantaffx

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AIN'T IT COOL NEWS "BUGGED is able to accomplish something quite rare these days, and that's build legitimate suspense. Most books are easy to figure out by page three, and at the very least, you can quickly categorize them as "Genre A meets Genre B." Not the case here. Having a talking roach help you discover secret superpowers may come off as a bit barmy, but it's the execution – not the premise – that makes BUGGED so fun to read."
- Jesse aka Mr. Pasty

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CBR"Bugged is a cool, twisted little tale. Bernatovech takes an interesting idea and explores the darkness of it, and then uses that to give us another, even more evil idea. It's a better story than it seems, and it toys with the notion of the outcast and what he or she can do to enter society and if that's even worth doing. Plus, it features a talking cockroach. How can you go wrong?"
- Greg Burgas

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"Founded on a solid premise and ending with a wonderful, unexpected twist you'll never see coming in a million years, Bugged is a well-crafted if ultimately disturbing rumination that almost demands the reader identify with its protagonist and his conflict."
– Jason Wilkins

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"Bugged by Rich Bernatovech and Teyo was a very enjoyable graphic novel that kept me on the edge of my seat and truly rooting for Felix Herbert to hopefully find his way out of his "High School Hell". This book is worth more than a look." Score: 9 out of 10
– Mike Peluso

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Comic Frontline"The writing is straightforward, the dialogue flows in a very realistic way, and it felt to me like I was reading a great short film on paper. Of course, the medium of comics has the ability to raise a story like this to another level than would normally be done in film, and Bernatovech and Teyo achieve that here. There is a Serling-esque feeling to the story, giving it a creepy tension that was inherent in the best Twilight Zone episodes.
- Kamron Mohtashemi

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COMIC BUZZ "The burdens of knowing too much about your fellow man are revealed in a powerful and at times haunting story that unfolds to a brilliant conclusion."
- Elloise Hopkins

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"Where Bugged really shines is in Rich's way of conveying the troubles many young teen males go through and the consequences and repercussions it can have on their day to day lives."
- Kevin Button

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