Sentinels Anthology Creative Team

Creator, Writer, Inker
Rich’s love for comics began at an early age when he purchased his first comic (New Teen Titans #30) for a quarter at a local drug store. Once the door to that world was open, Rich’s imagination never stopped coming up with ideas and stories for different characters and places. After obtaining his Bachelor degree in Illustration and Design from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, Rich moved to New York City and decided to dive into the acting world. He considered theatre another art form that allowed him to create characters and tell stories through. He received his Master’s degree from the famous Actor’s Studio and performed in numerous plays, music videos, television shows and films. But his love for the comic medium brought him back to comics and after the event of 9/11, he decided to create Sentinels! Since self-publishing Sentinels, Rich has written for numerous comic companies including DC Comics. His current projects include Drumfish Productions Neverminds and Bugged. Rich will also be writing and drawing his own web comic later this year. Rich thanks his family and friends for their continual support and encouragement!

Penciller, Inker, Colorist and Letterer
Luciano Vecchio was born in 1982 and currently lives in Buenos Aires. With experience in animation, illustration and comics, and a dynamic and versatile style, his works have been published in the United States, UK, Spain, France and Argentina. His credits as artist include the independent hit Sentinels (Drumfish Productions), original graphic novel Real Clohe (Ivrea), the elegant gothic trilogy Cruel Thing (Norma Editorial) and most recently Ben 10 Ultimate Alien, Young Justice, Green Lantern TAS and Beware the Batman (DC Comics) and Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (Marvel Comics).

Creator, Artist, Inker
Jamie read his first comicbook, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, when he was 8 years old and has had a love for comics ever since. He was introduced to the mutants of X-MEN shortly thereafter and his future was set - he would put his love of comics and his love of art to use and set out on a career as a comicbook artist. Jamie excelled in arts in middle school and high school and studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. It was in Pittsburgh that Jamie had a chance encounter with Indie Creator Rich Bernatovech that set his dream in motion. When given an opportunity to tranfer to New York City, the home of comic giants Marvel Comics and DC Comics, Jamie jumped at the chance. From there he was able to work with Rich on creating the world of NeverMinds and other Drumfish Productions properties. Jamie credits comicbook superstars J. Scott Campbell, Joe Madureira, Amanda Conner, Salvador Larocca, Olivier Coipel, Leinel Francis Yu and Ross Campbell as major influences is his craft. Jamie will be making his writing debut in the Sentinels: Anthology 2 due later this year.
Jamie would like to thank his family and friends for the sacrifices they made and support they have given him over the years to help him achieve his dreams.

Artist, Inker, Colorist
Facundo Teyo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1978. An illustrator and storyboard artist, he has worked for Argentina, Mexico, EEUU, UK and other countries. He has published 8 books and drawn for newspapers, magazines, films, advertising and animation tv shows. Teyo is also co-creator and artist on Drumfish Productions graphic novel, BUGGED.

Noel Short made his writing debut with the Sentinels Anthology. Born and raised in New York, Noel has been involved in voiceover casting for many years. Currently, he is a freelance graphic and web designer in Washington D.C. and is developing and co-writing an original graphic novel, Breakers. He’s very proud to be a part of the Anthology Project and is looking forward to working with Drumfish on more projects in the future.

Todd Latoski is an aspiring writer whose work is slowly getting out there.  From two short stories in Trailer Park of Terror #7 and #8, to a story in the first Sentinels Anthology, to an upcoming short story in Jester Press's Night comic, Todd has just finished writing his first full-length graphic novel, which is currently being penciled and inked, and hopes to see it published in early 2014.

Writer, Artist
Founder of Misfit Corner Press, creator of the Supernatural/Crime drama Tales From The Cornerstone and Co-Creator of PKD Media’s Agents of  C.O.L.T. with Shawn Pryor, Andrew has contributed his animated artistic touch to a number of projects on all levels.  He is currently working on several new projects, including an all-new Cornerstone Graphic Novel, a new series from Misfit Corner Kids Comics line called Hero and two new projects with fellow artist Avery Butterworth including a Supernatural Crime Noir OGN and a New take on the Brothers Thor and Loki. Andrew is one of the few creators who contributed to both Sentinels Anthology #1 and 2!

Philip Clark is Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of Dreamchilde Press and the writer of its flagship title Quantum: Rock of Ages. Philip is also a talented musician and has released numerous CDs and performed live on both the east and west coasts of the U.S.

Charles Holbert Jr CHARLES HOLBERT JR.
Las Vergas native, Charles Holbert Jr. made his comic debut with his story in the first Sentinels Anthology. After attending the 2007 San Diego Comicon, Charles was offered many projects and is currently working on them.

A professional colorist, Nei Ruffino has worked on such titles as Return to Wonderland and Grimm’s Fairytales published by Zenescope, Urban Monsters published by Image Comics and Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, Supergirl, Birds of Prey and Red Hood and the Outlaws published by DC Comics. Before she began coloring, Nei was a tattoo artist. In addition to her coloring, Nei has designed packaging for Hasbro and published her first penciled work in her original series, The Secret Life of Crows. and

AKA “El Ninja-Tron”, Juan Milanese hails from Adrogue, Argentina, where he has participated in many independent projects including the comic anthology Tocate and a literature magazine, Mitin. In addition to writing, Juan studied Audiovisual Communication at the University of Buenos Aires and is working on many musical projects.

Artist, Inker, Colorist
A native of Argentina, Matias spent time training at “Soano Blanco”, a comic workshop, while also being influenced by artists like Chris Ware, Mike Mignola and Horacio Altuna. He has worked on numerous projects in Argentina and in the U.S. and his current projects can be seen on his blog. and

Javier Barrera JAVIER BARREA
Javier Barrera is an Argentina based creator born in Trelew, Chubut. Award-winning painter and talented writer, his first work in comics was the original graphic novel, Real Chlohe. Since then, he has developed other projects including Tenedor Libre and Comisario Guzman.

Ms, Shatia P.H.MS, SHATIA P.H.
Artist, Inker, Colorist
From Minneapolis, Minne-snow-ta, Ms,Shatia made her comic debut with her story (for Splash) in the first Sentinels Anthology. After training for two years at the Art Institute, Ms,Shatia taught herself digital coloring using a Wacom tablet and Photoshop. Her own web-series, which she wrote and drew, Fungus Grotto, won best comic-strip and/or webcomics at the 2012 Glyph Awards.

Ryan McLelland has worked as a columnist for Newsarama, Latino Review and Ain’t It Cool News. He has written the comic series, Wise Intelligence and Philly.


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