Neverminds Creative Team

Creator, Writer, Inker
Rich’s love for comics began at an early age when he purchased his first comic (New Teen Titans #30) for a quarter at a local drug store. Once the door to that world was open, Rich’s imagination never stopped coming up with ideas and stories for different characters and places. After obtaining his Bachelor degree in Illustration and Design from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, Rich moved to New York City and decided to dive into the acting world. He considered theatre another art form that allowed him to create characters and tell stories through. He received his Master’s degree from the famous Actor’s Studio and performed in numerous plays, music videos, television shows and films. But his love for the comic medium brought him back to comics and after the event of 9/11, he decided to create Sentinels! Since self-publishing Sentinels, Rich has written for numerous comic companies including DC Comics. His current projects include Drumfish Productions Neverminds and Bugged. Rich will also be writing and drawing his own web comic later this year. Rich thanks his family and friends for their continual support and encouragement!

Creator, Artist, Inker
Jamie read his first comicbook, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, when he was 8 years old and has had a love for comics ever since. He was introduced to the mutants of X-MEN shortly thereafter and his future was set - he would put his love of comics and his love of art to use and set out on a career as a comicbook artist. Jamie excelled in arts in middle school and high school and studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. It was in Pittsburgh that Jamie had a chance encounter with Indie Creator Rich Bernatovech that set his dream in motion. When given an opportunity to tranfer to New York City, the home of comic giants Marvel Comics and DC Comics, Jamie jumped at the chance. From there he was able to work with Rich on creating the world of NeverMinds and other Drumfish Productions properties. Jamie credits comicbook superstars J. Scott Campbell, Joe Madureira, Amanda Conner, Salvador Larocca, Olivier Coipel, Leinel Francis Yu and Ross Campbell as major influences is his craft. Jamie will be making his writing debut in the Sentinels: Anthology 2 due later this year.
Jamie would like to thank his family and friends for the sacrifices they made and support they have given him over the years to help him achieve his dreams.

Danielle's interest in art originated from a childhood full of Disney movies and Saturday morning cartoons. With the purchase of her first comic (Generation X #1 at the age of 9), she discovered an art form that allowed her to explore the caricature and emotion she loved about animated film and television. For a long while, she walked the Marvel path by reading the X-Books. After this introduction, the more "indie" books of the 90s: Gen13, DV8, and Witchblade piqued her interest. Many years and a college degree later, a death in the family forced her to re-evaluate her future. After several years of not picking up a pencil, she decided to follow her dream to create comics. She continues to read and create comics to this day, and her influences include Adam Hughes, Michael Turner, J. Scott Campbell, the animator Glen Kane, Joe Madureira and Amanda Conner. Every day she gets a chance to live her dream, and she's never been happier than she is bringing characters to life in her drawing and coloring work. As well as being a well-known colorist for Drumfish Productions, Dusk Comics, and Zenescope, Danielle is also the artist, colorist, and a story writer of Odd19's own Sin of Omniscience. Her coloring work can be seen in Drumfish Production's Neverminds, Zenescope's Grimm Universe, and she is the primary artist of every Odd19 production.

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