Bugged Creative Team

Creator, Writer, Inker
Rich’s love for comics began at an early age when he purchased his first comic (New Teen Titans #30) for a quarter at a local drug store. Once the door to that world was open, Rich’s imagination never stopped coming up with ideas and stories for different characters and places. After obtaining his Bachelor degree in Illustration and Design from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, Rich moved to New York City and decided to dive into the acting world. He considered theatre another art form that allowed him to create characters and tell stories through. He received his Master’s degree from the famous Actor’s Studio and performed in numerous plays, music videos, television shows and films. But his love for the comic medium brought him back to comics and after the event of 9/11, he decided to create Sentinels! Since self-publishing Sentinels, Rich has written for numerous comic companies including DC Comics. His current projects include Drumfish Productions Neverminds and Bugged. Rich will also be writing and drawing his own web comic later this year. Rich thanks his family and friends for their continual support and encouragement!

Artist, Inker, Colorist
Facundo Teyo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1978. An illustrator and storyboard artist, he has worked for Argentina, Mexico, EEUU, UK and other countries. He has published 8 books and drawn for newspapers, magazines, films, advertising and animation tv shows. Teyo is also co-creator and artist on Drumfish Productions graphic novel, BUGGED.


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